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2010 Results

 *Divisional Results

*1.6km & 3km Results

*5km & 10km Results

Special Mohawk Miles Awards

2011 Results

 1.6km & 3km Results

5km & 10km Results

2012 Results

1.6km and 3km Results

5km & 10km Results

2012 Challenge Cup - Mocassin Walk

2012 Family Award - Sonny & Ida Goodleaf Family

2012 School Award - Kahnawake Survival School


2013 1.6km and 3km results

2013 5km and 10km results

2013 Challenge Cup - Onake Paddling Club

2013 Family Award - Anna May's Gang

2013 School Award - Kahnawake Survival School

2013 Bob Abraira Award - Mike Sky


2014 - 1.6km and 3km RESULTS

2014 - 5km and 10km Results

2014 Challenge Cup - Onake Paddling Club

2014 Family Award - Lynn McComber & Family

2014 School Award - Karonhianonhnha School

2014 Bob Abraira Award - June Stacey


2015 - 1.6km and 3km RESULTS

2015 - 5km and 10km RESULTS

2015 - Challenge Cup - Onake Paddling Club

2015 - School Award - Karonhianonhnha School

2015 - Family Award - Margie McComber & Family



 2010 Calendar Role Models

*Tracey Tekahentahkhwa Deer

*Karahkwiio Gage Diabo

*Kaniatariio Gilbert

*Ojistoh Horn

*Kanentokon Hemlock

*Falen Kawennahawi Jacobs

*Kaharonkwas Jacobs

*Konwawennenhawi Diabo

*Krystal Onawa Jacobs

*Kwaharani Jacobs

*Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer

*Dexter Tehohthoratie Stacey

*Wahsontiio Stacey





 2016 Winter Carnival 2016 schedule









Niawen to KANAWAKI - the tournament raised $6,000.00 for the

Kahnawake Youth Center.

The Golf Tournament raised $7,000.00


Steve Bonspiel - Eastern Door

Carrie and Jimmy Patton - Caughnawaga Golf Club

Playground Poker

MCK - FAO Committee

Stan Myiow, Skahentiio Barnes, Andrea Dickson

Trevor Lazare & KYC Staff


1st - Darren Horne, Josh Kirby, Herbie Kirby, Ralph Mayo  (-15)

2nd - Mac Kirby, Rahente Diabo, Hunter Lazare, Kyle Martin  (-14)

3rd - Roiatate Horn, Ross leclaire, Brad Jacobs, Oran Horn (-11)

Gummy Rice, Bobby Patton, Kahs Skye-Deer, Janice Albany  (-11)

Cole Skye, Kaden Stacey, Walter Goodleaf, Troy Diabo  (-11)



2014 Winter Carnival Schedule

2014 Winter Carnival Volleyball Schedule

2014 Winter Carnival Competitive Broomball Schedule 

2014 Winter Carnival Recreational Broomball Schedule







Kawi Cross - Step by Step

John Diabo, Ashley mcComber, Joey Barnes, Heidi - Warrior Sport Academy

Lindsay Thomas - Wagonburners

Frank Horn - Kahnawake Condors

Kyle Zacharie - KSCS Our Gang

Marie Celine - Eastern Door

Cheyenne Delaronde, Marissa Leblanc, Kiera Beauvais - Tewahtohnisaktha

Brine Rice - Condors

Andrew Antsanen - Condors

Gabe Tessier - Condors

Troy Lauder

Paxton Phillips

Gregory Robertson

Audrey Leborgne

Tekahawahkhwen Rice

KT Wells - K103 Radio

Cody Diabo - Kahnawake Peacekeepers

Hailie Diabo - K.S.S

Jayden montour, Jarrod Latour - Total Fitness

Kawennahare Jacobs

Sha'tehoseriio Patton



The Staff of the Kahnawake Youth Center

wishes to thank all participants,

Organizations, Sponsors and Families for

taking part in the 2014 Winter Carnival.

Over 3,200 Community Members participated

and a total of $10,200.00 was raised for the

Kahnawake Youth Center from various

activities throughout the Winter Carnival.



PDF - Recreational Broomball RESULTS

PDF - Competitive Broomball RESULTS

  2013 Polar Plunge Participants






Kawi Cross - Step by Step

Kyle Zacharie - Our Gang

Taioseratie Mayo-Diabo - Onake

Jaylin Rice-Douglass - Onake

Paxton Phillips - KYC

John Dee Delormier - Peacekeepers

Tekahawahkwen Rice - KYC

J.D. Saylor - Turtle Island Theatre Company

Storm Phillips - Kateri School

Regan Jacobs - Loud Spirit Productions

Zach Rath - K103 Radio

Joelle - Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre

Hayley Deer - Kateri School

Darlene & Keanna Goodleaf - Step by Step

Tyler Horn - Kahnawake Survival School

Frank Horn - Condors

Troy Lauder - KYC

Trevor Lazare - KYC

Hayley Diabo - Karonhianonha

Lindsay Thomas, Elizabeth Bordeau -

WAGONBURNERS (Roller Derby Team)

Davey Diabo - Executive Director 
















2014 Racers For Health




2013 Racers For Health













                                                                                                    Mohawk Council of Kahnawake 
         The Kahnawake Youth Center wishes to acknowledge and thank our Major Financial Contributors.

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